02/29/2012 17:41

Absolutely love this groove. I have been following MV for a while now, but I don't recall hearing this track. Totally dig how you mix your rhythms up. Didje's beats on this are groovalishish to say the least. Keep up the Bump. Peace.

didje doo
02/19/2014 03:36

thhannkyou so much Sonny, ,glad you're feeeingg god on his vibes :)

10/11/2013 07:03

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    Audio Selfdefence

    Audio Selfdefence is a weekly radio-session for IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO (one of the most important european radio stations for club-culture and electronic media) hosted by the DJ/producer Riccicomoto.
    You can listen to it every saturday at 4 PM (UTC/GMT +1).
    Mesa Verde has the honor of be featured in this show since 2008.
    stay tuned ;)

    Audio Selfdefence è una trasmissione radiofonica condotta dal DJ/producer Riccicomotoin onda su IBIZA GLOBAL RADIO (una delle più importanti stazioni radio in Europa per la club-culture).
    La trovi ogni domenica alle 3 di pomeriggio.
    Mesa Verde ha il privilegio di essere ospitata in questo show dal 2008.

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